My colleague thought the tone is too tough. Then they made a softer version. But I still like my original copy.

Hi there,

I am Jun, an active member of the LF AI & Data foundation community. Like CNCF, LF AI & Data is an umbrella foundation of the Linux Foundation. LF AI & Data holds a different position from CNCF; LF AI & Data supports open source innovation in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and data.

After being established in 2019, we have been actively growing and supporting the open-source projects and communities on the platform LF AI & Data foundation created. So far, 30+ open-source AI projects are hosted and governed by the foundation. This makes us the largest vendor-neutral open-source foundation in AI/ML.

We plan to expand the engagement of open-source AI technologies among college students and young developers. We saw CNCF has participated in the GSoC program for years and has made encouraging progress. We raised the application under the name of LF AI & Data this year since the Linux Foundation focuses on Linux operating system.

However, our application was not accepted. I believe the participation of LF AI & Data is beneficial for GSoC in vendor-neutral open-source AI/ML technologies. Please revisit our application, and we are looking forward to being part of the program this year.